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Ratios of the universe Sound Treatment

Ratio & Interval Sound Treatment
£30 for a 1 hr session.

We are either in tune or out of tune, Musical intervals brings us back into sync with the universe. It changes our own unique vibration so that we can re-establish that connection to sacred.

Our bodies are mapped out into equal mathematical proportions. These proportions/ ratios are also found in music and are also found in nature. Nature is an three dimensional expression of these musical ratios of frequency, we are also an creative expression of these sonic ratios. Understanding this concept really gives a better understanding that we are very much at one with everything in the universe. So when we are energetically & spiritually harmonious with the universe we are also in tune with the universal forces. When we are in tune we are then our true authentic selves and we fit into the cycles/ flow of the universe like a piece fitting into a jigsaw. Because of this reconnection you have to the universe sound/ energy/ frequency can ignite healing in an individual.

I believe if you let the body flow freely and harmonious with the universe then you will no longer become ill. The sound frequency coupled with the built in intention harmonises the body to health and well being.

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1hr pamper & Relax session

Tuning fork for balancing the mind & body followed by a tranquil crystal singing  bowl oasis.

Lay down on the treatment couch to relaxing aromatherapy & sound

£20  for a 45min treatment.or 3 sessions for £50 ( allow 15mins for quiet time after session)

Re- balance yourself Treatment

Chakra balancing.

£ 25 or 3 sessions for £60

A Demonstration of Sound Healing by Simon Heather.

Distant Healing

If you are unable to get to me due to illness or even the travelling is too much for you. Please contact me with your name, address and/or a photo. We can arrange a time when you are able to find a quiet time & you can lie down and recieve the treatment.

Email me your details by clicking here.

Namasta Lisa

£30 for 1hr session.

Bija mantras

Have the Bija mantras sang into your energy, balancing your Chakras. Opening you body mind & spirit to ancient wisdom.

£20 for 45min session.

Birmingham  Chanting & Sound meditation Group

At My house in Kingsheath Birmingham every other week.
COST Donation
OM Meditation, Sound Meditation Crystal & Tibetan singing bowl meditation, Group Sound healing, sacred chants.
Contact me for dates or visit the College of Sound Healing website

Birmingham Sound Healing Six Circle At my house in Kingsheath Birmingham, contact me for dates [email protected]  £6 per group session.
Click on link to see other workshops in your area!

Sacred Drumming group

Coming soon!

Drumming Boosts the Immune System

A recent medical research study indicates that drumming circles boost the immune system. Led by renowned cancer expert Barry Bittman, MD, the study demonstrates that group drumming actually increases cancer-killing cells, which help the body combat cancer as well as other viruses, including AIDS. According to Dr. Bittman, “Group drumming tunes our biology, orchestrates our immunity, and enables healing to begin.”

Repetitive drumming slows down our brain rhythm helping us to experience trance like states. These techniques, prominent in shamanic practices, allow the healer or client to leave normal conscious awareness in order to journey to other realms of consciousness. Here, healing can take place.




Our body has a whole number of rhythms: -


Heartbeat - normally between 60 and 75 beats per minute (Resting 60 / Average activity 72)
Breath - normally 14 to 16 breaths per minute
Cranio-sacral pulse - 8 to12 times per minute
Gastrointestinal tract - contracts once a minute
Stomach - contracts every three minutes
Brain waves - waking state 18 to 22 cycles per second (see earlier in the book)
Body temperature - changes from day to night


All these rhythms will be affected by the drumbeat.


When we are in a state of stress our heart beat can increase to 87 beats per minute. When we are deeply relaxed this rate will fall to around 57 beats per minute.


The regular rhythm of the drumbeat will entrain our heartbeat to its rhythm. In a healing session we may take a person's pulse to determine their heart rate then begin playing at that rate. Over a period of ten minutes we can gradually reduce the drum beat rate to help the person to relax. We can watch their breathing rhythm to gauge how quickly their heart rate and breathing rate has entrained to our beat

Pamper parties

Invite 7-12 of your friends. 15min talk on what a sound treatment is. And then each of you can experience a 20min taster session for £5 each.

(any more than 7 people and two qualified sound therapist would attend.)

Sound & Massage Pamper parties  Invite 7-12 of your friends. 15min talk on what a sound treatment is. And then each of you can experience a 20min taster session for £5 each.

"My personal experiences of the Intervals have been astounding. By bringing the intervals as part of my daily practice I have found that i have been placed into the cosmic stream of abundance and joy. I felt an inner calm and energised but balanced at the same time. This aligmentment physically spiritually and mentally gave me chance to stay in the moment and to take daily challenges and respond to them authentically. My ego self has been a sympathetic onlooker. Unlike other things I have experienced/ tried to nurture my authentic self this has been the only practice that has not had the exaggerated ups and downs of emotion, or the opposite poles of emotion."


"I found the Bija Mantras treatment very powerful. It brought me back to the very first time i ever experienced sacred sound at a crystal singing bowl workshop six years ago. I felt an intense overwhelming desire to cry and release. This same feeling happened when I first heard the Bija mantras. My intuition said to me that the sound was going deeper but not into my body even though that was where i was feeling it. It felt like it was an energetic connection to another part of me that at the moment has only been reached by sound.

"What has strongly come across to me was the connection I now have to each chakra. I feel like i have a real knowing and there is more of an awareness. Another interesting part of the process was how when i sounded each chakra i was given a part to the puzzle of my own healing and my own development, which i haven’t as yet experienced with the other sounds."