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Energy Balancing your home.

During a consultation i like to look at areas of your home that may need energy balancing due to stagnant heavy dense energy patches.

They are Caused by

  • Previous occupants negative energies
  • Your own emotional imprint
  • Clutter
  • An imbalance of colour, texture and light. 
  • Furniture positioning. Including plants mirrors and photos
  • Items bought for you or by you that may have an emotional resonance. Your own objects influence you.
  • An imbalance of the elements water, fire, wood, metal.

All of these elements can lead to subtle imbalances in your life which can be easily resolved.

So i would like to encourage you to be more present /grounded in your home.... more connected.
  • A sense of belonging
  • A feeling of security
  • Harmony with nature
  • Your sacred space.

We will Initially walk the space... i will ask you questions regarding yourself and how you use the space. Then we will sit together and we will meditate  and then ground ourselves. (if you haven't meditated before that is ok, you can just sit and be present). 
Suggestions will be made on how to create a more harmonious environment, that brings inner peace, equilibrium that after they have been made will leave you feeling vibrant and uplifted.
These may include
  • Space clearing- i will walk the space with sage,cedar, sweetgrass & lavender. 
  • Space clearing with sound, crystal and tibetan singing bowls empowering our intentions
  • Chanting sacred chants,  for clearing 
  • Removal of clutter.. good purge of your home... if you have not used it in over a three years take it to a charity shop.
  • Repositioning of furniture
  • Change of colour
  • Adding different levels of light
  • Adding of sacred symbols that resonate with your beliefs
  • Crystal Balancing- the use of crystals within your home to balance and energise areas of your home.
  • To help energy flow more freely i may suggest the removal of walls or adding or changing the function of rooms ( depending on budget). But mostly it is cosmetic balancing that is needed.
  • Cosmetic alterations or improvements that may need re-freshening. This may include a good spring clean. I find frankincense aromatherapy oils a good way to clense.

And Finally a 'A House Blessing' to invoke positivity and love into your  home environment. Prayers to the four directions and elements.

House Balancing and Blessing £55 for three hours.