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Be your own Sound Healer

There are things you can do to help yourself stay in balance and be more connected and in contact with yourself between treatments or as part of your daily practice.

Bija Mantras

Every morning (for a week) find a quite moment before work and sing these sounds having an awareness of each chakra as you make the sound. 

Make this sound for as long as you are able to, do not force it, just relax. making the bija mantra sound 3 times for each chakra starting at the ROOT chakra and working your way up.

Sit in silence for 5- 10mins after you have finished. and then finish with three deep sounding 'LAM' sounds. This should Ground you.

Lam is pronounced 'Lung

Vam is pronounced 'Vung'

Ram is pronounced 'Rung'

Yam is pronounced 'Yung'

Ham is pronounced 'Hung'

Om is pronounced Om.

If you think you may need some more help or you would like to do it with a CD, i found Simon Heathers 'Sound of the Chakras' CD very helpful. To find out where to buy this CD please click here

Email me with any  questions or comments you have, any differences in your self after the week you may want to share.

I would love to hear about them.

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Each Sound is associated with an energy center/ Chakra of the body.