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Quotes I just wanted to thank you for the healing you sent me on Friday and give you some feedback of what I experienced. During the healing itself I felt quite tingly to begin with and also felt a gentle pulsing in my stomach which seemed to be in rhythm with my heartbeat. It felt lovely and very relaxing. Immediately afterwards I felt peaceful and refreshed. Yesterday I did feel some improvement and actually got dressed for the first time in a few days. I was also able to leave the house for a short trip out although became tired quite quickly. Today I feel very sleepy and have had about 12 hours sleep! Not sure if this is usual after healing but I take it to mean my body must need lots of rest at the moment. I hope this feedback is useful for you. Thanks again for the healing. It was a lovely experience and I would definitely like some more if possible. Best wishes, Charlotte. Quotes
Soul Retrieval

Quotes I have felt good since your treatment thank you with lots of energy and also felt more connected to the earth. Quotes
Soul Retrieval

Quotes Thanks Lisa, The healing last week was lovely again and I felt the difference on Friday, especially as I managed to leave the house for the first time in a few weeks for a doctors appointment. Overall I still feel much calmer and like my strength is gradually returning as long as I remember not to I overdo it! I've been keeping a piece of rose quartz with me as you suggested. Look forward to hearing from you. Love Charlotte Quotes
Soul Retrieval

Quotes "The tension aches in my back have gone. After the sound therapy I had the best night's sleep since I can't remember when " Quotes
Sound Healing/ Ratios of the universe sound treatment.

Quotes had a sound therapy session with Lisa some time ago as part of one of her courses (if she was good then she must be great now!). Leaves you feeling wonderfully relaxed for several days afterwards. I wasn't a big believer in alternative therapies but I am now. Quotes
Sound Therapy

Quotes I called David a week later and his first words were that he felt absolutely great...Straight after the treatment he had two of the best nights sleep he'd had in ages. On the Sunday he was digging and carrying blocks. He said he had sat at his desk for three hours the other day and he had not done that for three months....He said that he had been totally surprised. And he sounded happy and excited. Quotes
Back Ache

Quotes Really fab, really loved it. It really felt like i'd just given myself some good. It felt like a treat. Had a big wash of emotion in the middle of the session ( during the singing) she saw purple and orange. Felt really peaceful During the crystal singing bowl ( i wanted it to last longer) Felt waves of heat travelling up my body when lisa had her hands on my feet at the end. Its good to feel calm. Quotes