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What is Sound therapy?

  1. What happens during a sound therapy session?

    You will be asked to take your shoes off and lay down onto a treatment couch where you can relax and enjoy the session. Different types of sounds will surround you while you relax. Depending on the type of session the sound will be absorbed by the areas that need it the most.

  2. Do i need to take my clothes off for the sound therapy session?

    Generally there is no reason to take any clothes off. During your session you will be covered in a blanket.

  3. What is a crystal singing bowl?

    A crystal singing bowl is a bowl shaped instrument which is played during a therapy session. Its is made out of silica, a sand like,pure quartz. The bowls come in various sizes and they impact upon the physical & subtle energies of the body.

  4. What are tuning Forks?

    Tuning forks are instruments that make pure sound. They are calibrated to an exact frequency. These Tones and frequency help balance the body.

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